Special Progress Bar


The Special Progress Bar is a type of counter for special products. This module can display progress bar in terms of days elapsed, or days remaining for a special price.

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Product Page
Special page

The extension is fully multi-language

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- Ability to determine type of progress bar, according to the days elapsed or the days remaining
- Possibility to determine the display position which has two options:
-- before the special price
-- after the special price
- Ability to specify different pages and modules for displaying progress bar, including:
-- product page
-- Product Category Page
-- Search results page
-- Special Products page
-- Brands Products page
-- Latest module
-- Featured module
-- Bestseller module
-- Special module
- Ability to add custom pages or modules (If you have another page or module that you want to display the progress bar, you can add it in this section.)
- The ability to change the style of the progress bar
- Ability to add custom text at the top of the progress bar
- Ability to add custom text at the bottom of the progress bar
- Ability to add text inside the progress bar
- Ability to add labels with custom text at the beginning of the progress bar
- Ability to add custom text at the end of the progress bar
- Ability to add markers with custom text
- Ability to set marker color
- Ability to disable progress bar

In the above text, HTML is supported and a text editor is embedded for these parts. Inside the text you can also use the following predefined variables:
DATESTART Special price start date
DATEEND Special price ending date
WHOLEDAYS Total number of special price days
ELAPSEDDAYS elapsed days
REMAININGDAYS remaining days
PROGRESSPERCENT progress in percent

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Install instructions
- Login to your website OpenCart admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Extension installer and upload zip package suited for your opencart version
- Go to Admin -> Extension -> Module -> Digitcart - Special Progress Bar 1.0 -> Install -> Configure it

This extension uses OpenCart event system for version 2.2 and above. So you don't need vQmod or no need to refresh modification if you are using OpenCart 2.2 and above.

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