Dropzone Uploader


Dropzone Uploader a replacement for default file option in product page.

Drag & Drop Upload
File Preview
Upload Progress bar


Free installation
Email us to sabeti05 [AT] gmail.com, Or send a support ticket:
DigitCart Support
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No core files are changed.

This extension uses OpenCart event system for version 3.0 and above. So you don't need vQmod or no need to refresh modification if you are using OpenCart 3.0 and above.

If you are using OpenCart 2.x, you need vQmod to use this extension.

Install instructions - ftp
- If you don't have vQmod, you must download and install it from : https://github.com/vqmod/vqmod/releases/tag/v2.6.1-opencart
- Copy the upload folder that comes inside the module and paste its contents into your opencart root

Install instructions - OpenCart Installer
- Login to your website OpenCart admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload dropzone-uploader-vqmod.ocmod.zip
- Go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh
- (OpenCart 3.x only) Go to Extension > Extension > Module -> Digitcart - Dropzone Uploader-> Install -> enable -> Save

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