Order Referrer


Track your customers where they come from when they place order.
Referrer is a page that visitor clicked on a link that led to your shop. You can track referral websites for your orders.

Track orders referrer URL
Show report for all referrers and top referrers
Show referrer in order info

Free Installation
Send email to sabeti05 [AT] gmail.com, or send a support ticket:
DigitCart Support
We will help you.

Install instructions
- Login to your website OpenCart admin panel
- Go to Admin -> Extensions > Extension installer and upload referrer{x}.ocmod.zip
- Go to Admin -> Extension -> Module -> Digitcart - Referrer -> Install -> Configure it

This extension uses OpenCart event system for version 2.3 and above. So you don't need vQmod or no need to refresh modification if you are using OpenCart 2.3 and above.

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