Auto reward points based on total purchase


Reward Points is a loyalty system in OpenCart that encourages customers to make more purchases using earned points.

With this extension, you do not need to specify a reward for each product, and customers can receive reward points based on their total amount of the order.

There is a possibility to assign, reward points on:
Order sub-total, total amount of order products
Order total, total amount of order, including total amount of order products, and additional charges such as shipping cost, tax etc.

The extension supports multi-currency capability and you can define the reward points for each currency separately.

In the module settings, you can choose the order statuses for applying reward points.
If the order status does not match your chosen statuses, the reward points will not be added to the customer account; whenever the order status changes by the admin to one of the selected order statuses, immediately the reward points will be added to the customer account.

When the customer receives a reward, an email will be sent to him. In the module settings, this notification can be enabled or disabled.

If the customer uses his previous points in placing an order, the extension calculates and deducts the amount of points used in the order, and only gives the new reward points based on the remaining amount.

For example:
The total order amount = $10
The order amount after applying points = $4
The new reward points will be calculated based on $4

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