Auto Credit Based on Order Total


With this extension, customers can receive store credit based on their total amount of the order.

If the order status does not match one of complete order statuses, the credit will not be added to the customer account; whenever the order status changes by the admin to one of the complete order statuses, immediately the credit will be added to the customer account.

When the customer receives a credit, an email will be sent to him. In the module settings, this notification can be enabled or disabled.

Live Demo:
Admin / Front
Please create an order as a customer, then visit my account / transactions. Credit has been added to your account.

Free installation
Email us to sabeti05 [AT], Or send a support ticket:
ِDigitCart Support
We will help you.

Install instructions
- Login to your website OpenCart admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload auto-credit-v1.0-oc{YOUR_OC_VERSION} (or manually upload contents of upload folder to your OpenCart root.)
- Go to Extensions -> Extension -> Module -> Digitcart - Auto Credit Based on Order Total -> Install -> Configure it

This extension uses OpenCart event system So you don't need vQmod or no need to refresh modification.

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