Already Purchased


If the customer enters a product page that has already purchased it, this extension will display a message to the customer informing him that he has already purchased the product:
"You've already purchased this product 3 times.
Order ID #6
Order ID #3
Order ID #2"

The extension also works on shopping cart page.

Product page
Please login as a customer (demo@demo.demo / demo), then visit above product page.

Free Installation and Support

No core files are changed.

Install Instructions - OpenCart 2.x (VQMod)
- If you don't have VQMod, you must download and install it from :
- Copy the upload folder that comes inside the module and paste its contents to your OpenCart root

Install Instructions - OpenCart 3.x (OCMod)
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload the extension.
- Go to Extensions > Modifications > Click on Refresh button

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